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It’s always a treat to get to sleep in. For me, I don’t have that luxury very often. With school during the week, jobs and competitions on the weekend, I tend to not be home very much, and certainly not sleeping very much.

Enter Easter break.

It’s a Christian tradition to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus on Easter. We celebrate with eggs, bunnies, those marshmallow heart attacks waiting to happen; Peeps. I’m not real sure where the correlation between our Savior dying for our sins and rabbits and eggs come from, but I go with it.

Anyway, back to my sleeping in. I’m going for a potential record for myself here in 2010. I’ve now been able to sleep in the past 2 days! I had to work at Pizza Hut last night, but I had all day free, so I spent the beginning, sleeping in. 🙂

Today, I had our annual A&W employee meeting (A&W here is seasonal, but has THE BEST food and ice cream in Carroll, Iowa. That is a FACT). After that, I came to our public library and created this blog, because internet is a rare luxury for me since we have HORRIBLE dial-up at home. I do have a blackberry with unlimited internet on it, but it feels good to stare at a screen and type rather than using those oh so small buttons. So here I am making this blog. I have to work in just over an hour so at the Hut, and I really hope it’s not too busy. I want to get home, enjoy some time at home, sleep, and enjoy what the “Easter Bunny” brings me tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably go to mass then to my Grandma’s house as we do every Easter, and unlike last Easter, I don’t have to work the night of Easter! Alleluia! Crap, I wasn’t supposed to say that word quite yet. Oh well, I think he’ll forgive me, considering that is what Easter is all about; Jesus dying and rising for our sake, so our sins can be forgiven. And of course, so I can get some much needed sleep!


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