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Happy Easter. Sort of.

For the millions of people reading my blog right now, thank you. (Someday Nick, someday…)

Anyway, on this night before Easter, I lay in bed testing out my “Blog from e-mail” thing so if you’re reading this, it worked! Speaking of work, I worked from 5 to 9 tonight but actually got off a little earlier than that which was surprising because we were pretty steady tonight. Then the fun began.

Myself, along with 7 of my friends decided to go check out this old, rundown, “haunted” place north of town that I had heard about. We drove along, looking for the lane, but with no mailbox, light poles, or address signs marking it, it was kind of difficult to find, making the place already that much more scary.

We finally found the lane and turned in, all our hearts were beating pretty rapidly. We weren’t embarrassed to say we were a tad bit nervous. We pulled up to the house, parked, and got out. My friend had a flashlight so a few of us walked up to the house and decided to check it out for ourselves. (For all we know, we could have been trespassing on someone’s place, but we saw no such signs, and figured, this place is so run down and we can tell we aren’t the first who’ve visited there and we certainly won’t be the last.

We peered in through the windows (or what used to be windows considering they were all busted out) and I took some pictures. The inside of the house was an absolute mess! Old furniture, bottles, glass, parts of the walls and ceiling, and even a bicycle were laying on the floor. We crept along the outside of the house and found a door on the other side. We looked in. Saw a hole in the floor. And threw caution to the wind. We went inside.

We walked in and the bathroom was to the immediate right. The bathtub was full of junk and the floor was covered as well. We walked through the kitchen and saw the cupboards still with glasses and dishes in them, a matchbook lying on the counter, an iron, shoe, and shotgun shell all on the floor. We were very intrigued.

We continued into the next room where we found a few books on the floor, lots of notecards, and papers, seeming to be of some kind of official records or something. (I’ve heard that. In the attic there’s file cabinets with marriage licenses and documents from the 20s or 40s, but the stairs didn’t look to be in any sort of usable condition, so we weren’t going to press our luck.) I picked up a few notecards and found one with my grandfather’s cousin’s name and address on it. It seemed like some kind of registration or something.

We eventually left the house and scoped out the grounds a little more and found a shed with an old, beat up station wagon type vehicle, with a bumper sticker that said “Grassley Works” (Chuck Grassley is one of our state’s US senators and has been since the 80s, so I’m thinking this place hadn’t been occupied since the 80s at the latest).

Throughout the night, I was taking pictures on my friend’s camera, so I plan on posting them on my facebook, twitter, and on my blog in the next few days, so check back for them!

All in all, it was a very fun and creepy night, and I’m not 100% sure it was even legal, but I figure if 8 Iowa teens are spending a Saturday night in the country with no alcohol, I’d say we’re in the minority! (I’m quite anti-underage drinking, but that could be a totally different blog)

Well considering I named this post Happy Easter and I haven’t really mentioned it at all, it technically is just that now! Just past midnight now on this 4th day of April 2010, Happy Easter everybody!

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