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The Great Late Night Show

AP Lit has been a bit of a struggle for me this year. Our teacher passed away from cancer and we’ve had a sub for the last couple of months. To put it lightly, I haven’t handled the transition very well. I’ve always been a straight A student, top 10 in my class, and anything lower than maybe the occasional B is a major disappointment.

Well 3rd quarter has passed and I ended with a C. Making this the first time in my high school career I will not be on the high honor roll (4.0+, but our school is on a 4.33 scale so it’s not as impressive as it could seem). Thanks to this class I have a 3.98 for the quarter and I have a feeling that I’m either barely holding on to my top 10 spot or am going to fall out for the first time ever.

Maybe it’s senioritis, maybe its lack of effort, maybe it’s my extracurriculars, I don’t know. All I do know that I need a grade boost, especially in that class. I’ve never been a huge fan of reading novels and taking tests on them. I’ve always been a huge fan of making movie projects. (I’ve put several of my projects from previous years on youtube – search “mcmurrayfan26”).

Well recently we started a unit in class where we do “Lit circles,” reading one book amongst a group and discussing it and eventually doing a project. Well, you can bet that I enjoyed hearing that last part!

We started filming the project yesterday, finished most of the filming today, and I did most of the editing tonight. I put over 5 hours into everything today and should be able to wrap it up tomorrow and it’s due Friday so we should be good!

Our book was “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott. Fitzgerald. It was written in 1925 and deals with social classes, money, and the withering of the American Dream (3 things that seem very common 85 years later). Anyway, we’re doing a “talk show” type show called “The Great Late Night Show with Nick Brincks.”

If you know me at all, you know I’m a big fan of 3 things: Jamie McMurray, REO Speedwagon, and Conan O’Brien. It’s only fitting that there’s the occasional string dance in our show! In the show, I start with a brief monologue/synopsis of the book. After the first commercial, I sit down and interview present day Tom and Daisy Buchanan; Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Later, we take a look into the past in “In the year 1925” (an obvious spoof of In The Year 3000) and interview a character from the book, Nick Carroway. Along the way, I play the host, a band member, Nick Carroway, and the Shamwow guy in a commercial. I’m also the one editing it and adding all of the post production thingamajigs.

A major theme of the story and our show is that money does not necessarily bring happiness.

Once I get the movie finished I plan on uploading it to youtube so as soon as it’s up, I’ll post it in my blog and on my twitter page so if you want to see four high school seniors look like fools, feel free to watch!

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