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The Wonder of Water Fountains

Water fountains. It’s something most of us tend to take for granted. In hallways at schools, hospitals, businesses, you name it. They seem to be everywhere.

Well for the past year or so, drinking from a water fountain has been a semi-painful experience for me.

On Memorial Day of 2006, I was bringing a folding chair down the stairs. I was going down the stairs pretty quickly, taking two steps at a time. And I missed the last step. Next thing I knew, I had broken my front two teeth into 3 pieces by landing on top of the chair and nearly biting through my lip. It took a few months til I had permanent teeth in my mouth again, but they said eventually you’ll probably need a root canal as you broke the one tooth right at the nerve.

I’ve spent the past 4 years with part of one tooth that glows under black light. That was kind of cool, but the past year or so, that tooth had seemed very sensitive. I noticed this especially when I’d drink from a water fountain. The way the water was angled at my tooth or how it hit the tooth, I’m not real sure why, but it was a very uncomfortable sensation. I probably looked very odd drinking from it because I had to bob my head and cock it to drink the water comfortably. Very odd.

Then about two weeks ago, that tooth started hurting and throbbing constantly. If you followed me on twitter at the time, you know what I’m talking about.

I went through our all of our play productions, all-state speech, and state mock trial on pain killers, ibuprofen, antibiotics, Orajel, you name it. It was VERY uncomfortable! But then everything changed.

On Good Friday, I finally had the root canal on that tooth and nearly a week later I am able to drink from a water fountain AND enjoy my time at it! The root canal itself didn’t really hurt, but the sounds and motions of the dentist sticking something in my tooth to pull the roots out was awfully uncomfortable.

I’d rather not relive the entire root canal process for your sake and mine, but I am so thankful that I got it! My mouth hasn’t felt this good in a couple years.

It feels good to drink from a water fountain again.
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