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Team Lo-Co.

It was another routine day in my life at school today. Except for one thing. Around 1 in the afternoon I checked my phone and saw one of my many twitter text updates. It read:

“ConanOBrien: The good news: I will be doing a show on TBS starting in November! The bad news: I’ll be playing Rudy on the all new Cosby Show”

Like many Americans following the Conan situation, I was almost certain that O’Brien would land at Fox. This tweet certainly caught my attention so I immediately logged on to a computer and googled Conan O’Brien.
Then it was confirmed. Conan was indeed moving to TBS to do a show at 10 o’clock (central) beginning this November. Unlike at nbc (I never capitalize that anymore because I don’t think they deserve it) where jay and Conan appeared to be enemies, the new TBS duo seems to be on the right track. George Lopez, host of “Lopez Tonight” on TBS that currently airs at 10, offered Conan his timeslot as he knew it would be a great lead in to his show.

Right after Conan made his surprise announcement, George Lopez welcomed him with open arms:

“I welcome @conanObrien to his new home at TBS .. A new generation of late night is about to begin !!”

From the get go, it’s good to see Conan is already in a solid relationship with his new late night neighbor, a thing he lacked with Leno at the end of Conan’s nbc tenure.

I see this relationship as one of the benefits of moving to TBS rather than Fox as was recently rumored. The major selling point for Conan to TBS was that he’d be able to own his own show. Imagine how Conan will be when his boss is himself, not to mention being on cable as opposed to network TV will allow him to explore more as the FCC doesn’t regulate cable channels quite as strictly.

Many people felt that Conan’s Tonight Show was too watered down to be funny and I can see where people get this idea. Jumping that extra hour ahead limited him from doing some things and it would have been a similar situation on Fox.

Regardless of where Conan was to land, his new show would likely have been drastically different than what we were all accustomed to seeing as nbc owned many of his segments.

Having to start from scratch all over again, I feel that cable will enable him to discover more and we will all enjoy that!

I’m well aware that this is probably not well written (it is getting pretty late and quite frankly hearing this news today made me so excited that I couldn’t wait to get my opinions out there so I’m going to ramble all I want!)

We may never see “In the year 3000, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the Masterbating Bear, or any of his other genius creations again, but you can be assured that over the next 7 months, Conan and his team will be hard at work making this show great.

Cable will allow Conan to loosen the reigns on his humor and as viewers and fans, we are all in for a real treat.

As of now, I have no idea as far as the details of the new show are concerned. Location, Max and the band, Andy, previous staff, and location are still in the works I’m guessing. But for now, I’m satisfied with knowing that beginning this fall, I will be able to go to sleep with an Irish-induced smile on my face.

George Lopez did a very classy thing moving over for a fellow classy comedian and starting this fall, TBS will be the new home for team Lo-Co.

Now I will begin my 7 month countdown until the return of the string dance.

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