My high school days are in my rear view mirror as I am now offically a graduate of Kuemper High School. The last real assignment I had in high school was to make a video project for my AP Government class. We didn’t get a rubric and the teacher only gave us two words to get us started. Colbert Report. He wanted a news program with some humor, and I think we delivered.

Four teenage guys trying to create a humorous news program in itself would be amusing so be sure to check out “Kuemper Late-Night Entertaining and Informative News” or KLEIN TV (for Mr. Klein’s class).

There are several inside jokes in our project including the whole Anchorman reference. Another group in our class took all of the creativity out of this project by basing their video entirely on that movie. We made fun of them for it, so check it out!

(If you’re easily offended by some stereotypical humor, I may advise you not to watch. If this is what you love, then enjoy!)

Click here to watch Part I of our project (Thanks to youtube and their 10 minute limit, I had to cut our 12 minute video in half. However, as a guy, being told that something is too long is not a bad thing).

If the annotations in Part I aren’t working and you don’t see Part II over in the “related videos,” click here for Part II.

Let me know what you think of these videos. Comment on them, or let me know on twitter. I’d love feedback!

Well I hope that reading this and watching these videos has made your day more enjoyable. If not, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Now go enjoy a cookie.


Red Green in my hometown, of all places.

There he is. Red Green signing none other than a roll of duct tape. 3M Scotch Tough Duct tape, that is.

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. The sun was shining, the breeze was nice, and the duct tape was selling well. Welcome, Red Green, to Carroll, Iowa.

From 3-5 at Bomgaars here in town, Red Green, the popular handyman played by Steve Smith, signed autographs and took pictures with the hundreds of fans who turned out. This was his only stop en route to his live comedy show in Des Moines that night.

This post is being brought to you by 3M Scotch Tough Duct Tape.

OK not really, but Red Green’s appearance was. He was set up near the front door of the Bomgaars store with boxes upon boxes of none other than 3M’s Tough Duct Tape. Apparently it doesn’t leave residue, even when baked in an oven, but I wasn’t willing to spend $6.99 on a roll of duct tape.

Nonetheless, it was pretty cool of 3M to pick this medium sized Western Iowa town of just over 10,000 people to have Red Green appear in.

I’ve been a fan of the Red Green Show for many years and I’ve got duct tape wallets, pictures of my younger brother and I dressed up as him (from 2003 I believe?), and a video of my cousin and I playing the Possum Lodge word game. When I heard Red Green was going to stop in our town, I was pretty excited. However, I took Red’s advice, and I kept my stick on the ice and I advise you to do the same.

Thanks to having to leave for work, my 2 hour wait in line did not end in me meeting him. My brother and cousin stayed and got his autograph for me though. This is as close as I came to actually meeting him. 🙂

Check out Red Green on Facebook, Twitter and check out his official website.

@jamiemcmurray and Jimmie Johnson: Coincidence?

When Jamie McMurray signed to return to EGR this season, I immediately said that Jimmie Johnson would not win the championship.

I understand that there is no real connection between any of the things you are about to read, but they have crossed my mind and I feel that you should know.

Jimmie Johnson won the Sprint Cup Championship four years in a row (2006-2009).

Jamie McMurray raced for Roush Fenway Racing for four years (2006-2009).

Based on this alone, I simply made the prediction that JJ would not make it 5 in a row. Then 2010 rolled around and I continued to see some correlation between Jamie and Jimmie. Jimmie Johnson crashed out of this year’s Daytona 500. Jamie won.

Jimmie Johnson crashed out of the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega. Jamie nearly won and finished 2nd.

Jimmie Johnson had a miserable night at Darlington and eventually crashed out of the Showtime Southern 500. Jamie won the pole and finished second.

Johnson has crashed 3 times this year and JMac has 3 top 2 finishes in these races.

Johnson won the championship each year that Jamie raced for Roush.

I understand that this is all very coincidental, but it’s interesting to look at.

Johnson can thank Chad Knaus and Rick Hendrick all he wants, but you can clearly see that Jamie McMurray is the reason for his success and vice versa (read with a smidge of sarcasm).

If you picked JJ to win 5 in a row this year, I’m sorry but you are out of luck on this one. You can thank Jamie McMurray for that one.

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Big Mac at the “Track too tough to tame”.

It’s in the books. Denny Hamlin picked up his 3rd win of the season tonight in the Showtime Southern 500. That isn’t what impressed me though.

Coming off a third place finish in the Nationwide race the night before (which Hamlin also won) and a record setting pace to win the Coors Light Pole Award at Darlington, Jamie McMurray was setting up for a great weekend!

The green flag fell as McMurray and Jeff Gordon led the 43 car field to the green in one of NASCAR’s most prestigious races. Gordon moved around McMurray to lead the first lap and the most laps on the night, but a lace race pit mistake ruined his chance of putting the 24 car in victory lane (On a side note, Jimmie Johnson was wrecked tonight and I couldn’t help but notice the simultaneous applause across NASCAR nation, especially in my head).

The #1 McDonald’s Chevy was in the top 10 all night long with the majority spent in the top 5 and leading many laps.

In the end, Jamie McMurray held off a late race charge from Kurt Busch to finish second and gain three spots in points to 16th, now only 39 points behind Dale Earnhardt Jr in 12th.

McMurray has won 4 races in his career, but I don’t recall him ever having as good of car for an entire race as he had tonight. From the drop of the green to the waving of the checkers, Jamie seemed to race in a way he is not exactly accustomed to: Consistently. He’s been good at the beginning, the middle, and the end of races throughout his career, but tonight seemed to be one of the first times in his career that he ran up front for an entire race.

Putting an entire race together has been a struggle for McMurray in his career, but this season has already shattered expectations for “Big Mac” in the first 11 races. With one win, two second places, and two poles already this year, Jamie McMurray has pieced together a potential run into the Chase which would be his first ever.

Nearly one third of the way into the 2010 season, JMac and the EGR #1 team find themselves 16th in points only 39 out of twelfth. He’s got momentum on the Cup side and on the Nationwide side, so these next 15 races will be fun to watch!

Being a McMurray fan over the years has been tough at times, but he is showing everyone why his fans have stuck behind him. We know he has the skill and drive to succeed and he now has the equipment to do so.

I see the struggles of Roush Fenway Racing this year and last then I look at the success of McMurray at Ganassi and I can’t help but laugh a little. From bottom of the totem pole to the top of a two man pedestal with Juan Pablo Montoya, Jamie McMurray has found his home and it is certainly showing.

For a full race report for Jamie McMurray, check out his official site.

Keep your stick on the ice

It’s been a pretty good start to my weekend (this is my last official weekend as a high school student. One week from right now my high school life will be in my rear view and my college one will be off on the horizon. But that’s enough cliches for an introduction).

Jamie McMurray, driver of the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevy, won the pole for the Southern 500 and set a new track record of over 180 mph and he finished 3rd in the Nationwide race behind the JGR Toyotas of Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch. With 1 win and 2 poles already under his belt in the Sprint Cup, the first third of this season has already eclipsed the success he’s ever had in one season. Who would have thought that 4 years at Roush would be a waste of time?

I went bowling tonight and bowled 4 strikes in a row! I had never even bowled a turkey before so I was pretty pumped about 3, let alone 4! I finished with a decent 155 and won by about 20 pins. Solid night for a rusty son of a gun.

Here’s the not-so-good part of my weekend. We have large group chorus contest tomorrow morning about an hour away so approximately 6 hours from now I’ll stumble out of bed and regret staying up a few extra minutes to write out this blog entry. But then again, hindsight is always 20/20.

Sunday is when the real fun stuff begins (unless of course McMurray can transform his pole into a win, which I’m confident in as long as he can stay out of trouble, keep caught up on his car’s handling, and use the right strategy right at the end). Steve Smith, better known as Red Green from “The Red Green Show” will be here in my hometown from 3-5 at the local Bomgaars. He’s on his comedy tour and along with his sponsor 3M (duct tape maker obviously) they somehow chose the Carroll Bomgaars. I’m not complaining though! I’ve got a duct tape wallet I made several years ago ready to be signed, along with a picture of my little brother and I dressed as the handyman himself.

4 strikes, 3rd place, 2 days til Red Green, and #1 starting P1. My last weekend as a high schooler is looking pretty promising. The countdown until graduation is continuing. 5 days of school and 9 days overall until this guy is a Kuemper alumnus. However, I must remain focused over the next week because I don’t quite have that diploma yet.

So as Red Green always says, “Keep your stick on the ice.”

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Turn some pages and roll with the changes

Ok, I have proven that keeping a daily or even semi-daily blog is tough when it isn’t a job or requirement. With graduation less than 2 weeks away, I think I have a pretty valid excuse!

Regardless, throughout the summer I intend on blogging especially about the transition from my high school life at Kuemper to college at Morningside in Sioux City. Graduation can be summed up in one word. Bittersweet. I will certainly miss some things about high school, but I’m ready to take life by the horns and take that next step in my life.

There’s a good chance I won’t be blogging too many times in the next couple of weeks, but I’ve got some fun things lined up: My newly found interest in Ebay, my first paid DJ gig, and how the heck I’ve become a HUGE REO Speedwagon fan.

There are 8 days left of my high school life. As REO says, turn some pages and roll with the changes. I’m ready for these changes.

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