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Keep your stick on the ice

It’s been a pretty good start to my weekend (this is my last official weekend as a high school student. One week from right now my high school life will be in my rear view and my college one will be off on the horizon. But that’s enough cliches for an introduction).

Jamie McMurray, driver of the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevy, won the pole for the Southern 500 and set a new track record of over 180 mph and he finished 3rd in the Nationwide race behind the JGR Toyotas of Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch. With 1 win and 2 poles already under his belt in the Sprint Cup, the first third of this season has already eclipsed the success he’s ever had in one season. Who would have thought that 4 years at Roush would be a waste of time?

I went bowling tonight and bowled 4 strikes in a row! I had never even bowled a turkey before so I was pretty pumped about 3, let alone 4! I finished with a decent 155 and won by about 20 pins. Solid night for a rusty son of a gun.

Here’s the not-so-good part of my weekend. We have large group chorus contest tomorrow morning about an hour away so approximately 6 hours from now I’ll stumble out of bed and regret staying up a few extra minutes to write out this blog entry. But then again, hindsight is always 20/20.

Sunday is when the real fun stuff begins (unless of course McMurray can transform his pole into a win, which I’m confident in as long as he can stay out of trouble, keep caught up on his car’s handling, and use the right strategy right at the end). Steve Smith, better known as Red Green from “The Red Green Show” will be here in my hometown from 3-5 at the local Bomgaars. He’s on his comedy tour and along with his sponsor 3M (duct tape maker obviously) they somehow chose the Carroll Bomgaars. I’m not complaining though! I’ve got a duct tape wallet I made several years ago ready to be signed, along with a picture of my little brother and I dressed as the handyman himself.

4 strikes, 3rd place, 2 days til Red Green, and #1 starting P1. My last weekend as a high schooler is looking pretty promising. The countdown until graduation is continuing. 5 days of school and 9 days overall until this guy is a Kuemper alumnus. However, I must remain focused over the next week because I don’t quite have that diploma yet.

So as Red Green always says, “Keep your stick on the ice.”

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