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My high school days are in my rear view mirror as I am now offically a graduate of Kuemper High School. The last real assignment I had in high school was to make a video project for my AP Government class. We didn’t get a rubric and the teacher only gave us two words to get us started. Colbert Report. He wanted a news program with some humor, and I think we delivered.

Four teenage guys trying to create a humorous news program in itself would be amusing so be sure to check out “Kuemper Late-Night Entertaining and Informative News” or KLEIN TV (for Mr. Klein’s class).

There are several inside jokes in our project including the whole Anchorman reference. Another group in our class took all of the creativity out of this project by basing their video entirely on that movie. We made fun of them for it, so check it out!

(If you’re easily offended by some stereotypical humor, I may advise you not to watch. If this is what you love, then enjoy!)

Click here to watch Part I of our project (Thanks to youtube and their 10 minute limit, I had to cut our 12 minute video in half. However, as a guy, being told that something is too long is not a bad thing).

If the annotations in Part I aren’t working and you don’t see Part II over in the “related videos,” click here for Part II.

Let me know what you think of these videos. Comment on them, or let me know on twitter. I’d love feedback!

Well I hope that reading this and watching these videos has made your day more enjoyable. If not, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Now go enjoy a cookie.


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