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McMurray winning at Pocono? Believe it!

If you haven’t checked out the post before this one, be sure to do so. I highlight a few coincidences regarding my trips to Morningside College and Jamie McMurray’s Daytona 500 victory.

Anyway, today’s rain delayed race has just added to the fire of ironicism (I’m aware that isn’t a word, but it sure looks cool).

The last time I visited Morningside, I bought a Jamie McMurray hat and he won the next race (this year’s Daytona 500). Before that race, rain was a major story of the weekend, along with the pothole in the track throughout the race.

Well low-and-behold, we are seeing a bit of deja vu today. I visted Morningside this week and also bought a new McMurray hat. A strong storm cell moved across the track and doused it with heavy rain, and now a pot hole is under repair near the exit of pit road. (This pot hole is well out of the racing groove unlike at Daytona so it shouldn’t be a big deal).

He’s starting in a similar spot on the grid as he did in the Daytona 500 and it looks like the stars are aligning perfectly for a repeat victory today. If Jamie McMurray wins today, not only will I feel like this is more than simply a coincidence, but Jamie himself will be able to celebrate his 34th birthday in style (a few days late-June 3rd was his birthday-but it would be a great way to celebrate). He gave his wife Christy a great Valentine’s Day present at Daytona, so today would be a great day to give himself a nice birthday present.

A McMurray victory would be a great way for me to enjoy my night as it looks like I’ll miss the end of the race due to working tonight thanks to this rain delay.

Rain, potholes, Morningside visits, McMurray hats, and victories – it all matches. It could happen again today.

Now I’ll sit back and hope I don’t look like a fool a few hours from now 🙂
Enjoy the race today on TNT!


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