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It tends to be all or nothing for McMurray. “Nothing” sometimes comes in the form of David Ragan.

Ever since Jamie McMurray was cut by Roush Fenway Racing at the end of the 2009 season, I have felt a little contempt towards the organization. I felt that McMurray deserved to stay and David Ragan should be the driver cut, but looking back, everything worked out the way it should have.

McMurray is now back at his original home under the direction of car owner Chip Ganassi and he is in the midst of his most successful season of his career already after 14 races. Two poles, one win, three 2nd place finishes, and five top 10 finishes are all putting the #1 Bass Pro Shops/McDonalds Chevy solidly in the Chase. However, not all has been great for the team this year. Yesterday’s race was proof of that.

With just over 30 laps to go in the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500 at Pocono, McMurray had advanced to his highest running position of the race and was setting himself up for a solid top 15 or top 10 finish. Then his former teammate had to add himself into the equation doing something he does best – tearing up equipment.

(Watch the video of the incident.)

David Ragan tried doing more than his sub par Roush equipment and sub par talent could handle as he simply drove straight into the side of the McDonald’s Chevy and ruined what would have been a great points day for the Earnhardt Ganassi Racing #1 team, which was in dire need of that as they came in to the race only 26 points out of the top 12.

But instead David Ragan had to ruin it, like he always does. Now is the time where I get to rant a bit. I honestly don’t know what the heck anyone sees in Ragan as he has been miserable the past two seasons. My guess is that he’s simply jealous of McMurray for not having to drive for Jack Roush anymore? I don’t know. All I know is that McMurray has had great top 15 or top 10 cars EACH AND EVERY WEEK this year, and he only has 5 top tens to show for it and even more finishes outside of the top 20 including 5 finishes of 30th or worse. It seems that he either finishes right up in the front, or gets taken out or has some kind of trouble to ruin his day. Mechanical failures don’t upset me as they just simply happen, but when other idiots try to hard and my guy ends up paying the price, that is what absolutely ticks me off.

David Ragan should package himself in a box, ship himself via his sponsor UPS (I don’t know why they even sponsor him) straight out of NASCAR. I would call him a “has-been” but he never was a “been” ever. He’s going no where fast and he’s lucky he’s got UPS with a reputation of being fast because they can certainly help him get to no where even faster.

I know he didn’t do it intentionally, but that is what bugs me about this. He is simply bad and made a huge misjudgment. That misjudgment knocked McMurray back to 18th in the Sprint Cup standings and he now trails 12th by 110 points.

There’s a good chance that I may slightly rescind these statements about Ragan when I’m not caught up in the moment as I am now, but you will never again see me cheering for that #6, unless of course he is getting released or something along those lines. When he was McMurray’s teammate I didn’t mind him. Now that this isn’t the case anymore, there is nothing keeping me liking him and his actions yesterday certainly didn’t help the cause.

I can’t wait to see that #1 car take revenge on his former teammate because that would at the very least give me a small sense of vindication. Also, if McMurray can just rid himself of bad luck and being involved in bad situations and just make it into the Chase, all will be forgotten.

All will be forgotten…except that I will still laugh at Jack Roush for releasing McMurray rather than Ragan as we all know who the real winners are in this story. And their names are Chip Ganassi and Jamie McMurray.


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