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Summer 2010

Now that high school is in the rear view, I’ve got college to look forward to. However, there is that slight break in between. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always called that summer. Crazy, I know!

Anyway, I decided I’d take the opportunity to let you all in on some of my plans for my last summer before heading of to college. Three words can sum up my summer plans: Work. Music. Work.

Holding two part-time jobs and a volunteer/part-time/internship dealio on the side, you can see where the “work” part(s) come in. Putting in 30-40 hours or more combined at all three can sure add up to a lot of work time. But I figure, I might as well work all I can now, that way I can relax at the end of summer before moving.

My work schedule is not what you came here to read though, I’m guessing. What the heck is Nick Brincks doing this summer that could be considered somewhat exciting? Well I’m glad you asked and you have come to the right place.

Next week I will be venturing up to Sioux City to take part in a Junior Visit Day at the college I will be attending, Morningside. I will be on their “freshman panel” and we will talk about our college search and what made us make the decisions we did. I’ll be staying up there for a couple days so I can explore the city and have an idea of what I’m doing and what to do once I’m living up there.

Next Friday and one Saturday in July I will be singing at weddings. Ca-ching.

A friend of mine and I plan on hosting a few dances for people our age at least a couple times this summer. We’ve got music, equipment, and the desire, so why not make a little money doing so, right?

On July 30, I will be a part of Par-Tee 13, which is a huge golf outing put on by our radio station that I work at. While I won’t be golfing (which doesn’t bother me ONE BIT! I’m not a golfer. At all. Now mini golf, that’s another story), I will be broadcasting live from the patio of the Country Club, socializing with listeners, acting as hospitality, and my personal favorite – driving golf carts. I was one of the first there last year and one of the last to leave (by choice!) and I am stoked for it again this year. Hopefully the weather is as gorgeous this year.

And now for my favorite thing about this summer. Music.

On July 3rd, I’ll will be seeing Night Ranger and Grand Funk Railroad live in concert about an hour from my hometown. Along with several family members, I’ll be listening to some of the 70s and 80s classics “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” “Sentimental Street,” “When You Close Your Eyes,” and Night Ranger’s most recognizable song “Sister Christian” (Be sure to follow Night Ranger’s drummer and lead vocalist Kelly Keagy on twitter). Some of GFR’s hits include “Locomotion” and “We’re An American Band.” While this show will be a great one, it doesn’t personally compare to the one just over a month and a half after this one.

When I found out that REO Speedwagon and Pat Benatar were going to be at the Iowa State Fair on August 17th, I was pretty excited (to put it lightly). Tickets went on sale at 1oAM on April 24 and I had bought my row 10 tickets by 10:01. Check out my REO page for more info on them. Pat Benatar is one of the most successful female artists of all time with her numerous hits including “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” “We Belong,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” and “Heartbreaker.”

I had the opportunity to see REO last summer (that’s where the pictures above were taken) and that was easily the highlight of it. Luckily, I will have that same opportunity this summer! Wherever my summer plans take me, my twitter page will take you along if you’d like, so be sure to follow me! Also, I will be blogging about these concerts and post photos and videos so be sure to check back here. Or just follow me on twitter and I’ll tell you 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, two out of my three summer words are calling my name. Working tonight at A&W, tomorrow at Pizza Hut AND A&W, and then A&W on Saturday morning, you can see why music will certainly be the highlight of my summer. But working leads to money, which leads to fun and adventure, which I plan to have!


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