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Conan O’Brien is headed to the 2010 Emmy’s and Jay Leno isnt!

The 2010 Emmy nominations were released today. The only category that I was even remotely interested in regarded “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” in the “Outstanding Variety” category. Conan and his former “Tonight Show” racked up a total of 4 nominations this year while Jay Leno received zero.

We all know the story of Conan, NBC, and Jay Leno. I took an excerpt from a website I found today that sums things up pretty well.

“One of the most exciting nominations in my opinion went to Conan O’Brien. It is great to see that The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien got nominated whereas Jay Leno’s show didn’t, and with the Awards airing on NBC, I’m very much looking forward to Conan’s acceptance speech. He’s a sure win for Outstanding Variety category.”

With Leno’s ratings now trailing Conan’s short “Tonight Show” tenure’s numbers, this is another score for Team Coco and the new network Conan will work for, TBS, who campaigned to get Conan nominated for his NBC presence on “Tonight.”

I have no idea what he’s up against as I don’t really watch much on TV now that Conan’s on hiatus, but I will certainly be watching the Emmy’s this August (even if they are on NBC) and be cheering from my living room if he pulls through and gives an acceptance speech on his old network.

A win for Conan at this year’s Emmy’s would not only be a great ending to the Conan/NBC saga, but an even better beginning for Conan/TBS as he’ll be sure to go in with lots of momentum.

Four months from today Conan O’Brien’s new TBS show will debut at 11/10c. Will you be watching? I know I will.

Team Coco represent!


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