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On This Day In History – August 31

Inspired by Don Wallace, I decided to post little tidbits of music and entertainment history today on Twitter. If you follow me on Twitter (Good for you!!), you will probably recognize these, but if you don’t (You are missing out!) here is a recap of some things that have happened “On this date in history” as posted on Twitter.

  • Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” is actually written about his feelings toward Gary’s girl…just didn’t sound as cool. #songfacts
  • #1 song on August 31, 1982? Just say the magic words “Abracadabra” and you’ll find out. Or just click here. http://bit.ly/bVyDE3
  • #1 song on this date in ’79: M-m-m-my Sharona by The Knack http://bit.ly/cXMeWn
  • And one more…the song that makes you feel like you should be shaving your legs, #1 on Aug 31, 1986 from Bananarama http://bit.ly/9Ryx3r
  • August 31, 1994: 25 year old R. Kelly married a 15 year old girl. Only to have the marriage annulled later.
  • Today in 1985 Eddie Murphy released this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuODQrjzMGw “Party All The Time”
  • August 31, 1992 – Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Cleveland OH on WNCX 98.5 FM

Aside from music and entertainment history, I also posted links to a few very interesting news stories that you should check out.

If you are interested in this blog, listening to the best music from the 70s and 80s, and participating in on-air contests, be sure to tune in to me on the Fusion Flashback on 92.9 KMSC/Fusion 93. My showtime has not been set as of now, but in the next week I will be sure to pass that along to you!

Until then, thank you for checking out my blog and be sure to come on back!


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