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Conan’s Pulling Out All The Stops. And It’s Working.

If you watched any playoff baseball on TBS this year, you’ve seen them. If you have friends that like Conan, you’ve probably seen them. If you are a Conan fan, you have certainly seen them. I’m talking about all of the awesome promos for Conan O’Brien‘s new TBS show that will debut Monday night, November 8th at 11/10c.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are definitely missing out. From “Missing You” promos to Conan’s blimp promos, the past month has proven to be a good one for all of Conan’s fans. Old and new.

Through Conan’s short tenure of the Tonight Show, I was always talking about it while working at a radio station in my hometown. I’d talk with co-workers about last night’s episodes, whether they wanted to hear it or not. I even made it a priority to talk about Conan on the air every now and then. When Conan left NBC so Jay Leno could take back the show he handed over to Conan a mere 7 months earlier, I was in a position to show my support for Coco. Throughout the whole Conan/NBC/Leno saga, I kept listeners in the loop with what was going on.

Some people gave me a hard time for showing such support for someone they thought who’s best days were behind them but I was continuing to show support. Basically, the point of this blog is to show that Conan will come back and be stronger than ever. NBC was never really behind Conan like TBS has been, and all of the marketing his new show has done is proof of that. TBS cares and are really relying on Conan to be a hit.

As these “Conan” promos were released online and on television, I liked posting some of my favorites on my Facebook and Twitter profiles. I would definitely suggest you watch them all on on the Team Coco Youtube page because they are sure to make you laugh.

"John" always poked fun at me for being as big of Conan fan as I was, but this is proof that TBS's marketing of his new show is working.

“I caught some of the promos during the baseball playoffs and thought they were freaking funny…now if he can follow that up with a good show!” This came from a non-Conan fan. And I can only imagine that there are more people out there just like him. TBS’s marketing of Conan has been brilliant and it is only a matter of time before they show the “nay-sayers” that they are not making a mistake. Broadcast television may be the home of “big time” talk show stars, but why should Conan limit himself to only “big time?”


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  1. Conan is the funniest show ever! I love Conan O’ Brien! Thank Goodness he’s back on the air! Love him! 🙂 Makes me laugh to the point of almost peeing my pants! Haha best ever! Thanks Conan!

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