Make your dreams come true

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a business they can run at home? No more commutes, bosses, or annoying co-workers. Trouble is, most small businesses never get off the ground, or it takes too much investment to get started. That’s why Team National’s business model is so intriguing.

Team National offers memberships that let people enjoy large savings on thousands of products and services that you are already spending money on. Unlike other companies that rely on selling products that you have no need for, Team National actually puts money back in your pocket. Also, you can become an Independent Marketing Director for the company and earn money sharing the membership savings with others. If you’re simply interested in making money with this company, becoming an IMD doesn’t cost anything! How many other companies offer that?

The advantages of Team National are that you’re offering something that helps people save money, your start-up costs are minimal, and you don’t have to stock any products. You never have to worry about ending up with a house full of items you can’t sell, since your only product is a membership. You can feel good about saving money and helping others save also.

And the next time you hear someone complaining about the high cost of living, you can offer them a solution — and pocket a little extra cash for your efforts.

The idea of saving money will never go out of fashion, which is why we predict that the thousands of people who have become Independent Marketing Directors for Team National will enjoy a bright future.

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My most viewed Youtube videos

I began making Youtube videos during my freshman year of high school, mainly for school projects. The summer following my freshman year, I made three music videos for songs off of Big & Rich’s album “Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace.” Before being taken off Youtube for copyright issues, these three combined for over 54,000 views on my first Youtube page. Since you can’t watch them on Youtube anymore, I decided I’d post them on my Facebook page for your enjoyment and my humiliation. Enjoy 🙂

My Big & Rich ‘Loud’ Muzik Video” – 50,000+ views

My ‘High Five’ Muzik Video” – 3000+ views

My ‘Radio’ Muzik Video” – 1000+ views

With a digital camera, a new laptop, and a lot of free time, this Big & Rich fan had a good time in the summer of 2007.