REO Speedwagon on DirecTV

REO Speedwagon performed at the 2010 Moondance Jam Rock Festival this summer, and for the first time, it was recorded for TV broadcast. A partnership between Blaze TV Production and DirecTV’s “101 Network” is bringing this festival into your home, but only if you have DirecTV. For more information about the Moondance Jam Rock Festival, Blaze TV, and DirecTV’s “101 Network,” click here.

If you’re like me and don’t have DirecTV but you love REO Speedwagon, I stumbled upon the videos from this broadcast as they were posted on Youtube by Rnastershake. Here they are! Enjoy.

Don’t Let Him Go

Keep On Lovin’ You

Take It On The Run

Like You Do

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Time For Me To Fly

Back On The Road Again

Roll With The Changes

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!


2 Responses

  1. What a TREAT! Thank you thank you.. we were there..I felt like I was living Heaven on fun to see and relive..and a Good version too…it should be..we felt like we had cameras in our faces the whole time we were there..but well worth it!!
    I am so glad you stumbled across this same here on the no Direct TV!

    I am going to share this link on my FB page!!

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