My First Vlog

Now that spring break is over for me and I find myself sitting in my dorm room, I realized I’ve neglected my blog as of late. Just so I feel better about myself, I’m posting this blog now.

Over break, we finally got high speed internet at my house, and I felt that was a good reason to post a video blog from my basement bedroom about my basement bedroom. I posted it on Facebook last week, but now I’m posting it on here for the sake of posting something.

Without seeing my room, you probably know I’m a huge REO Speedwagon and NASCAR fan. After seeing this video, you will still know that I’m a huge fan of REO and NASCAR, it’s that simple. Anyway, here’s my first (of many, hopefully) vlog. Enjoy!

Wasn’t that just a wonderful way to spend 4 and a half minutes? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. It really wasn’t.